Round Dining Tables with Chairs

If you are tight for space and are looking for more of a small dining table and chairs then round dining tables are likely to be the ideal solution for you.

Often used in kitchen dining sets, a round oak dining table is able to fit more subtly in the corner of a room or could also be used as a centre piece in the kitchen for use at breakfast times as its shape and size ensures it does not command too much essential space.

A compact dining set is often the ideal option for a childless couple or indeed a couple whose children have flown the nest and don't require quite as much space as they may have had previously. Whilst a smaller square or rectangular table can serve this purpose, you don't get the same intimacy that you get from a round dining table so for this reason it is often a much more attractive option.


Round Dining Tables

Solid Oak Round Table with Crossed Legs

Solid Oak Round Table with Cube Base